About me – tboneJoey

My name is Joey. I am an old, retired carpenter, cabinet maker, and construction superintendent.

If you read my posts, you will probably realize that I am very conservative. If you are a liberal, democRat or not, you should go elsewhere. However you are welcome to post your comments, but don’t expect a civil reply as you deserve none. Everything that is wrong with this world was caused by people like you. So if you don’t like what is posted here, feel free to go elsewhere.

When I was a kid, it was all about cars. But in the eighth grade I found Trombone. Marching Band, Concert Band, then Jazz – and I was hooked.

In high school I discovered Stan Kenton. Hence, my posts with his pictures.

The legendary J.R. McEntyre (RIP) was my mentor in Jr. High and High School. He took me places I’d have never have gone otherwise. From there, a stint at NTSU, now UNT. I played in Marching Band, Concert Band, Brass Choir (under Leon Brown, RIP), and a couple of Lab Bands. Oh yeah, the Air Force ROTC Marching Band – what a riot!

I didn’t graduate. I had to go to work to support a family. I spent about 50 years in the construction business.

I have lived in Dallas most of my life but seldom have I worked here.