You know, Baptists ain’t all that big on cremation. I wonder why? The eleventh commandment ain’t “Thou shalt not burn the body!” It ain’t like the deceased gives a rip after he’s gone. And I feel no obligation to make those funeral directors all that much richer.

True story – I buried an aunt in mid-1995 for $3300. I buried her husband 7 months later for $4200. Same funeral. Same funeral home.

What do you think?

Legal, but not legitimate

I know that pawn shops were started as a way for the lender to make easy money and for the borrower to have a source of easy cash. They still serve that purpose to a certain degree. However, more than not, a pawn shop is a legal “fence” for stolen merchandice.

Just the other day I went into such a shop just to kill time while my wife was shopping for groceries. One of the first things I noticed was a brand new John Deere lawn mower. Now this is at least a $500.00 mower. The thing had never been used. Does anyone expect me to believe that the original purchaser had an emergency need for cash and had to hock it before he could use it for the first time?

What do you think?

High oil and gasoline prices

Even Rush Limbaugh has grudgingly admitted that skyrocketing oil and gasoline prices have been caused mainly by commodities speculators, not supply and demand as he had insisted during the run-up preceding Obama’s election.

It’s about time he woke up because then as now, there was no correlation between the price on the commodities exchanges and the availability of the product.

Thoughts on a dying art form

Some of us are great lovers of a dying art form. That art form – Jazz. Some may argue, but sadly I believe I am right. And unfortunately, I was born too late to hear and see the great jazz bands of the 1940’s.

However, I did manage to get “hooked” in the late 50’s when I joined the Capitol Record Club and chose “jazz” as my preferred category. My first order was the 10 for the price of one “come on” they used to entice you to sigh up. In that ten, I randomly selected a variety of artists, most of whom I knew nothing about. One of those ten happened to be Stan Kenton’s “Stan Kenton in Hi-Fi.” That’s all it took. I was immediately addicted to most things jazz and all things Kenton.