And the libs tell us we should believe a woman just because of her plumbing

Dhameer Bradley and Malik St. Hilaire, who used to play football for Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, filed a lawsuit against Nikki Yovino, 20, of South Setauket, New York, on October 10, accusing her of slander and inflicting emotional distress.

The two also sued Sacred Heart University, accusing the school of wrongfully suspending them. Bradley and St. Hilaire are seeking an undisclosed sum in their lawsuits.

Yovino told Bridgeport, Connecticut, police officers that the two players raped her in the bathroom of a house where an off-campus party had been taking place. The two football players got kicked off the team, lost their scholarships, and got expelled from the university as a result of the accusations.

Three months later, Yovino recanted the rape accusations when police found her story to be inconsistent. While both players admitted to having sex with her, they told the police it was consensual.

Police eventually charged Yovino in February 2017 for lying about the incident, and she pleaded guilty in June 2018 to one count of falsely reporting an incident and one count of interfering with police for fabricating her rape claims.

A judge later sentenced Yovino in August to a year in jail not too long after she accepted a plea deal for a lighter sentence.

Sen. Joni Ernst says Senate has been damaged by the Kavanaugh confirmation process

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, a Republican, says the Senate was “damaged” by the partisan and at times vitriolic process to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Ernst spoke with CBS News’ Major Garrett for “The Takeout” podcast on Thursday at Uno Pizzeria and Grill in Union Station, discussing politics over a Chicago-style pizza pie.

When Garrett asked if the Senate was “damaged” by the process, Ernst immediately said “yes.”

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Is this really a Politico criticism of democrat worship?

Stop the Press Before It Profiles Beto O’Rourke Again

Fine, he’s not Ted Cruz. But can we move on?

By JACK SHAFER October 11, 2018

The winds of swoonery blasted through Texas this year and traveled halfway across the country to dust the Eastern media establishment with love eternal for senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke. Not since the press corps fell in love with Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign has such a sirocco of worshipful candidate profiles and commentaries appeared in the national press.

“Is Beto O’Rourke the Left’s Obama-like Answer to Trump in 2020?” asked Vanity Fair. “Beto O’Rourke Could Be the Democrat Texas Has Been Waiting For,” offered BuzzFeed. Still more positive Beto coverage sprinkled the pages of Yahoo News, Time, GQ, Rolling Stone, the Guardian, the New York Times, Politico and Esquire as they worked off the same template. The Washington Post indulged Betomania with a feature, another feature, a column and the sort of ancillary coverage it ordinarily gives the Washington Redskins.

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AI will NEVER be smart enough to drive a car, says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Wozniak has flip-flopped in his opinions about the technology over the last few years.

In May 2017 he claimed driverless technology is the ‘biggest, most obvious moonshot,’ in current times, pointing to Tesla as the most promising company in that field.

But just months later he did a 180, and said he doesn’t ‘believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says.’

Now, Wozniak has doubled down on his doubts surrounding autonomous technology, stating at a recent event that he has ‘given up’ on self-driving cars.

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Chelsea Handler Alleges Clarence Thomas Is a ‘Known Sexual Predator’

More Trump derangement syndrome–

“Failed Netflix talk show host and daily Twitter warrior Chelsea Handler jumped into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation raucous with a Tweet apparently accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of being a “known sexual predator.”

Handler took to her Twitter account to insist that the nation does not need another “sexual predator” on the court and that Republicans “have no regard” for women.”

Megan Kelly defends Kavanaugh

September 20, 2018

On Thursday, NBC’s Megyn Kelly took on a panel of three guests, also from NBC News, who defended Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. When the panel kept insisting, as supporters of Ford have, that an independent investigation needed be conducted into the allegations, despite Kelly having noted that Ford has refused to testify before the Judiciary Committee, Kelly finally snapped back, “She’s not in charge of the U.S. Senate.”

Kelly started by noting, “This has become a partisan fight; like all the Supreme Court nominations do.”

Megan Twohey of The New York Times referenced an op-ed by Anita Hill, who infamously accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearings. Twohey noted Hill ripped the Judiciary Committee for not having a protocol dealing with sexual harassment claims; Twohey claimed, “We’re seeing the terrible ramifications of that.”

Kelly replied, “Can I tell you something? I think Dianne Feinstein bears a lot of the blame here, because this woman found a way to come forward, and Dianne Feinstein buried it!”

Twohey persisted that the protocol wasn’t in place for Ford to come forward anonymously, but Kelly interjected, “Okay, but she did. The reason you need a process, first and foremost, is so women feel like they have a place to go. So Christine Blasey Ford found a way. Why wouldn’t Dianne Feinstein say, at least anonymously to Brett Kavanaugh when she met with him one-on-one, I’ve received a serious allegation, I need to raise it with you’?”

MSNBC legal analyst Dan Goldman posited, ”Because the woman didn’t want to come forward,” prompting Kelly to fire back, “She didn’t have to name her, Dan. She didn’t have to name her.” Goldman tried again: “I think, and I may be wrong about this, I think that part of the conditions of her coming forward to anonymously tell Feinstein is that she didn’t want to be brought up and brought through the wringer that she is going through now.”

Kelly was having none of that; she asserted, “Dan, think of what you’re saying. Think of what you’re saying.” She portrayed his perspective of what Ford might have felt: “So I just want to let you know that I’ve been harassed, you can never mention it to anybody; you can’t mention my name, you can’t mention it anonymously.” “That’s clearly not what Christine Ford wanted.”

NBC’s Stephanie Gosk chimed in, “The first, biggest problem is that it leaked. Her name leaked.”

Kelly calmly pointed out, “The Democrats leaked it. The Democrats leaked it. They outed her.”

Gosk and Twohey pushed for an FBI investigation, but Kelly educated them, noting no federal crime had been alleged, adding that Ford would still get a process whether there’s an FBI investigation or not, and that she would have to submit to testimony before the senators. She concluded, “This is not about a criminal investigation; it’s about the Senate’s duty to advise and consent. They’re in charge of what would help them make that recommendation.”

When Goldman kept insisting that an independent investigation was needed, Kelly took no prisoners, saying, “But the point is, she at this point is refusing to testify at all unless she gets to dictate the process,” adding, “She’s not in charge of the U.S. Senate.”

You you really think social media are neutral?

Popular conservative Christian blogger and homeschool mother Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the “Activist Mommy,” is crying foul after Facebook claimed that a Facebook group that threatened to burn her alive didn’t violate its community standards.

Poor Jeff

“I took control of the Department of Justice the day I was sworn in, which is why we have had unprecedented success at effectuating the President’s agenda—one that protects the safety and security rights of the American people, reduces violent crime, enforces our immigration laws, promotes economic growth, and advances religious liberty.”

He went on to say, “While I am Attorney General, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.

Trouble is Jeff, you’ve done nothing to clean out the swamp. Leads me to believe you’re just another RINO!